Raising Money Can Be An Entertaining Matter

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A Fully Customized Basketball Fundraiser Experience

Your donors and parents are probably tired of the same galas, golf tournaments, and bake sales. Give them something new and exciting to enjoy, while also raising much needed funds for your organization!

Why Us?

Appeal To A Wide Audience

No matter the gender, age, or ethnicity, basketball is an experience that everyone will enjoy. And it is G rated for families and young children to enjoy!


Ease Of Execution

All you have to do is sell your tickets; let us handle the rest! We handle everything so you can focus on what matters most - selling tickets and raising money!

Weather Resistant

Other events get canceled due to inclement weather. Basketball games are a great time, whether rain or shine!


Truly Personalized Experience

We can help you create a custom experience, specific to your audience! Do you want a specific person singled out and brought to the court? Do you want your organization mentioned on the mic? Do you want some donors to watch via live stream if they can not physically come to the venue? We can do that and much, much more!

Let's Hoop Together