Fan Experience

Phantom Fan Experience

Cathedral Basketball is fortunate to have one of the largest and most loyal fanbases in all of high school basketball. Championship or not, our fans genuinely love and support their Phantoms. And the Phantoms LOVE our fans!!!!!!!!!

Our #1 priority is to provide fans with a world-class fan experience. Fan experience matters because it ignites fan engagement. And we want our fans to be completely engaged with our program year round, during the regular season as well as during the off season. We want our fans to continue to follow our players in college and on their professional teams. We want our fans to know that they are truly a part of our program.

Cathedral Basketball works hard and intentional at building a special connection between our program and our fans. Special connections borne of unforgettable memories stay with us a lifetime and Cathedral Basketball wants to deliver those unforgettable memories to our fans!!!!!!


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