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What Is The Graveyard?

The “GRAVEYARD” is the student support club for Cathedral’s boy’s basketball team, in honor of the historic site that Cathedral High School sits on, the former Old Calvary Cemetery. The “GRAVEYARD” stands in their own dedicated section inside Cathedral Gymnasium as well as travel to away games and begin cheering during pre-game warm-ups. Many members of the “GRAVEYARD” paint their faces purple and white and wear Cathedral Basketball paraphernalia to represent their team.

Throughout the game, the GRAVEYARD jump up and down when the opposing team has possession of the ball and yell cheers, created by the GRAVEYARD members, in unison at focal points of the game. This will be a fun time for friends to hang out, even if you don’t know much about the game of basketball. There will be after school practice times for the “GRAVEYARD” to learn the cheers and get organized.

Membership Has Its Privileges

Membership is $30 and includes one (1) free t-shirt and special GRAVEYARD ONLY seating at home games. You also receive a 20% discount on all t-shirt purchases on Thursdays from 2:30pm to 4:00pm. We will try to have a “GRAVEYARD” bus or van to away games, however there will be an extra cost for that each time to pay for the bus and admission to away game (other schools charge just like we do). This will be discussed at “GRAVEYARD” practices before each away game.

Students gain points by attending boy’s basketball games and sponsored events. These points will earn members prizes* such as Adidas apparel and gift cards. In addition, members will receive various invites to special pre-game functions and promotional items.

Our goal is for the Graveyard to earn a reputation as the most energetic, wittiest and best-organized high school basketball fans in the world!

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