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Former Cathedral Assistant Joins CS Northridge Staff


Like many student-athletes, for Will Kimble, the connection to Coach Middlebrooks continues to be a collegiate bridge. After only 1 season with UC-Riverside, Coach Kimble has now taken another step as he joins the staff at Cal-State Northridge with Head Coach and NBA legend Reggie Theus. This is another unprecedented story in “The Middlebrooks Way” archives as Kimble has now secured his 3rd college job in a 12 calendar month timeframe.

“Words can not express how happy I am for Coach Kimble,” said William Middlebrooks. “He did an amazing job this past season at UCR and continues to demonstrate a level of professionalism & hard work that is hard to find. This makes him a shining star in the heavily saturated arena of coaches looking for college coaching opportunities. Coach Kimble continues to represent our Cathedral brand well and I fully expect him to move up the college coaching ranks relatively rapidly with his continued performance at a high level.”

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