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Kimble Named Men’s Basketball Asst. Coach At Academy of Art University


When Coach Middlebrooks decided to leave Ribet Academy and move to Cathedral High School, the decision was based on his vision to upgrade every area of his program. That included creating opportunities for his assistant coaches to move on to the college ranks.

In back to back years, Coach Middlebrooks has been able to realize that vision. From the Middlebrooks Academy and Compton Magic programs, he was able to move on Coach Jeff Theiler to Cal State Northridge following the 2014-15 season. Now following the 2015-16 season, Coach Will Kimble will be entering the college ranks by accepting a position at Academy of Arts.

“I am elated for Coach Kimble,” stated Coach Middlebrooks. “He has worked hard to help us build the Cathedral program, rising from the ashes to the pinnacle of high school basketball in the State of California. His work has earned him an opportunity to grow his career and we are in full support of this move. I will continue to stand with Coach Kimble and help him move up the college ranks.”

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