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Kobe Paras is a Bluejay!


You can read all over the internet about what happened between 2016 wing Kobe Paras and UCLA but what Jays fans want to know is how he ended up at Creighton. I talked with his coach Will Middlebrooks to get the scoop.

Heath: Coach tell me a little about the process and how Kobe ended up at Creighton.

Coach Middlebrooks: At the end of the day it was the relationship that I have with coach Preston Murphy that landed Kobe at Creighton. I trust him and I’m building a good relationship with Coach McDermott too. This is a tough situation for Kobe. We wanted him surrounded by good people. This move is about more than basketball and Kobe is very excited.

Heath: What was it that Kobe liked so much about Creighton?

Coach Middlebrooks: Kobe really liked the team, the players treated him very well. Of course the facilities are amazing but Kobe has only known about Creighton for a couple of weeks. He is taking a big risk because he doesn’t know really anywhere other than UCLA and doesn’t really know other parts of the country being from the Philippines. It was a family like atmosphere at Creighton and we wanted him to be surrounded by good people and people we can trust since he will be on his own.

Heath: What kind of player is Creighton getting in Kobe Paras?

Coach Middlebrooks: Creighton is getting a potential NBA player who is very explosive athletically and someone who can make an immediate impact.

Heath: What does Kobe need to improve on to play college basketball in your mind?

Coach Middlebrooks: As with any high school kid, he will have to adjust to the speed of the game and the physicality at the collegiate level. But he has been playing against and working out with college guys and pros so he has a sound grasp of what that entails. Creighton has been getting a lot of attention nationally because of their highly ranked 2017 recruiting class. Who would’ve thought they would added another top-150 player to their current roster? The Creighton coaching staff and fans should be very excited about what Kobe Paras can bring to the table this season and in the future.

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